Benefits of Red Light Therapy for Weight Loss and Body Contouring

Red light therapy is a novel, non-invasive fat removal treatment. Often referred to as infrared light or low-level laser therapy (LLLT), it helps remove the stubborn fat that exercises and diets cannot eliminate. It is a straightforward treatment that your doctor can perform in their office.


What Does Red Light Therapy Entail?


Red light therapy is a popular body sculpting treatment that aims to remove fat without the use of surgery. During the therapy, a special laser device radiates specific wavelengths of blue, red, and infrared light into the skin. It focuses on the fat layer located just below the skin’s surface.


The red light works by temporarily breaking down part of the cell membrane. Thus, the stored fat cells shrink as the fat leaches out. Your body’s natural waste removal system then removes it.


What to Expect During Red Light Therapy


An LLLT session may differ in each clinic and vary depending on your aims. If you are looking to lose weight, a full red light bed therapy will be ideal for you. Wraps tend to focus only on a specific area and will not help you achieve full-body weight loss.


At Daytona Laser Lipo, each red light therapy session typically lasts approximately 20 to 30 minutes. Since the results are cumulative, you will have to go for about eight to ten sessions to complete. The sessions have intervals of between one and two weeks.


The Session


You will get into a private room where you can remove your clothes. Your therapist will give you a pair of eyewear to protect your eyes. Next, you will get on a cozy bed under arrays of warming red light panels for your session.


Your practitioner may also boost the effects in a targeted area by passing an LED light-infused wand over your skin. You must relax during the duration of the session as the treatment requires no effort on your part.


Does It Work?


In a study in 2011, research showed red light therapy helped reduce cellulite in women. However, the most significant results showed in women who used red light therapy and treadmill exercises. In another study in 2011, LLLT proved to be successful in body contouring. The Journal of Obesity Surgery found that red light therapy led to a significant reduction in waistline size.


Targeted Fat Loss


Research results published in Laser in Surgery Medicine also proved red light surgery works. In the study, researchers found a substantial reduction in the general circumference and many other parts of the body. These include the waist, thighs, and hip areas.


The Takeaway


Red light therapy is a relatively new form of treatment. However, the studies available show that it works. If you plan to try the treatment for body contouring or weight loss, seek advice from a qualified health care expert.


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