How Long Do Red Light Therapy Results Last?

RLT (red light therapy) has many amazing results. Patients boast about more skin elasticity, brighter complexion, and reduced lines. The American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery says that it may take some time to see the results of this treatment. You should know the following details if you want to know how long your red light therapy results last.

RLT Results

The therapy uses low levels of red light wavelengths to improve skin issues. Patients usually have it for persistent wounds, wrinkles, or acne. Treating the skin some more with blue light can destroy bacteria that cause acne. This can prevent future breakouts. The complete treatment’s anti-acne results can take up to two weeks to take effect. It can take up to 10 weeks to see complete results for wrinkle reduction.

Consistency Matters

You must have consistency during your RLT. The improvements that you want may take some time, but you should not give up even if the results are not instant. If you have a light therapy device, you can use it to treat acne at least once daily for two weeks straight. Wrinkle therapy will need consistent therapy for 10 weeks. After getting the results that you want, you can have a maintenance RLT of two to three times a week.

The Treatment Frequency

Getting RLT is not time-consuming at all. You need about three minutes per area per day. This is ideal for handheld devices. Treating larger areas of skin will need a panel. You can give yourself RLT before your day starts or before you sleep, increasing the frequency to three times a day.

The Benefits of RLT

Since RLT is not invasive or semi-invasive, you will need to repeat the treatments. This will ensure you get the results you need. Maintaining your RLT has many benefits. Below are some of them:

  • It may improve general skin health. RLT can increase collagen and fibroblast production. It can improve facial texture and protect skin cells from damage.

  • It may resolve your acne problem. You can try RLT to treat your problematic acne. Red light can calm your hyperactive oil glands and prevent acne formation.

  • It improves hair growth. Studies show that people who get RLT gain denser hair.

  • It may help speed up wound healing. RLT can reduce cell inflammation and stimulates the formation of new blood vessels. This supplies the skin with more oxygen and nutrients. It also increases fibroblast and collagen production in the skin.

  • It may decrease inflammation. Research shows that RLT can help decrease inflammation in many conditions involving the skin and other organs.

  • It may reduce pain. Doctors can also use RLT to relieve inflammation and pain in certain medical conditions. They can also use this therapy to treat inflammatory issues like type II diabetes and psoriasis.

RLT can help improve your skin’s appearance and health, but you will need dedication when it comes to maintaining the treatments.

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