How Much Weight Loss Can You Expect After Laser Liposuction?

Laser liposuction has grown in popularity in the past few years as an effective body contouring option. The idea of losing fat without putting in hours of work in the gym easily appeals to many looking for the ideal body. 

While this may be so, note that laser liposuction is not a weight loss tool. You will lose some weight with the fat removal, but how much of a difference can the procedure make on your scale?


What Is Laser Liposuction? 


Laser liposuction is a process that first breaks down fats in stubborn areas and then extracts them. It uses novel laser-assisted technology to target fat pockets in specific parts of the body that impact your ideal body shape. 

It is ideal when options like diet and exercise fail to get you to that optimal body. It helps create more defined contours in the thighs, buttocks, and stomach and helps slim down the flanks. Many patients opt for this procedure to get into a specific body shape or get contours for an event or occasion.

Others may want a toned body to complement their efforts at the gym so they can have that aesthetically pleasing body. Liposuction procedures are often customized to fit the exact areas impacting your physique. 


Does Laser Liposuction Lead to Weight Loss?


Many healthcare professionals do not consider laser liposuction a weight loss tool, and it is not advertised as so. However, having the procedure will lead to some weight loss, and the amount will depend on a few factors. One of the critical factors is your initial body weight before the procedure. 

Experts say you can lose up to 25 pounds after the procedure, but that is only possible if you have much to lose. Also, a liposuction procedure may happen simultaneously with a fat transfer procedure. In such cases, the fat from one area of the body is transferred to another to improve the appearance of both.


Can You Predict the Results?


A liposuction procedure is an inexact science when it comes to the outcome. When the surgeon begins the procedure, they have a target physique they aim for. However, the goal of the physique may become difficult to reach once they remove the subcutaneous fat. They will remove all the intended fat, but the contours may not be as precise as you would want. 


How Many Inches Can I Lose Around the Waist?


To many people invested in the aesthetic part of the procedure, weight matters less than inches. Many are more focused on the dimensions of their physique because you can be muscle heavy. The most realistic expectation of inch loss is two inches at the waist. Again, the change depends on the initial weight and body size before the procedure. 


How Many Sessions Do I Need?


The number of sessions will depend on a few things:

  • Fat distribution in target areas

  • How large is the target area

  • Ultimate body goal

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