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Our Professional Team

Dr. Stacy Hudock Proscia

Dr. Stacy Hudock Proscia (D.C.): As a single mother of two, she knows how to handle difficult situations. She began by supporting her own efforts to achieve goals towards a higher education. First, at Excelsior University (Albany, NY), she attained her Bachelor of Science degree, then, at Life University West (Hayward, CA) her Doctorate degree. Since then, she has had more than 20 years of experience using holistic based practices to improve patients’ health and wellbeing. Acoustic compression therapy, kinesio taping, spinal decompression, and a wide variety of other therapies are at her disposal in order to help her patients work towards their better selves. As a member of the Florida Chiropractic Association, Dr. Hudock exemplifies qualities of leadership to her staff and compassion for treating her patients.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, life has changed for many, but Dr. Hudock’s goals remain the same. Her passion for helping people reach their healthy self has never been greater, as this past year has highlighted how important it is for the individual to be accountable on their journey to health. Dr. Hudock makes that accountability easier. Considering data from public health officials, she recognizes that being overweight is antithetical to a person’s ability to maintain a healthy immune system. Putting focus on important vitamins, minerals, healthy forms of diet and exercise in her individualized programs will take some of the work out of working out.

Kimberly Timpanaro

Certified Nutrition
Health + Wellness Coach
The MacDonald Center for Obesity Prevention and Education & Villanova University College of Nursing

As a Nutritionist, Herbalist, and Healing Life Coach, Kim has helped change the way thousands of clients approach losing weight and manage overall health and wellness. Eight years ago she started out her own journey to change the way her clients would approach losing weight as fat and keeping it off. She is passionate about providing the tools necessary to lose body fat while maintaining lean muscle during the journey. As Senior Counselor of Medifast, she managed a team of five counselors, customized all programs for thousands of patients, and helped them achieve their goals.

Individuals who have sought out her services over the years are looking for support in making dietary and lifestyle changes for greater health and well-being. Many of her clients have struggled with either gastrointestinal issues, autoimmune disorders, chronic pain, chronic inflammation and/or weight loss. Having battled an autoimmune disease herself, she has developed a passion for her work in providing support, encouragement, education and guidance in finding healing.

She is passionate about coaching to bio-individuality, meaning, there is not one program for all. We are all made individually and uniquely, and what might be ‘medicine’ to one person may be harmful to another. We must learn to listen to our bodies to find out what is right for us. She will customize your program based on YOUR individual metabolic requirements.

She is a true believer in how the body can heal itself and how sometimes we just have to get out of our own way! We must take a proactive role in getting healthy and staying healthy – She is passionate about helping others achieve these goals. Kim takes an integrative approach to coaching, meaning, we will take a look at not only what you put into your body nutritionally, and also what other hidden barriers could be preventing you from reaching your goals. She will help you find a holistic balance which will infuse joy and satisfaction back into your life enabling you to break down barriers, and regain your health and wellness.

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