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At Daytona Laser Lipo, we strive to provide our patients with cutting-edge technology to provide stellar results in contouring, fat reduction, weight loss, skin rejuvenation, and skin tightening. We also provide a team of professionals to help you through your weight loss journey, to help you achieve your optimum weight and live a happier, healthier life.

From the minute you walk into Daytona Laser Lipo, Our Goal is your Success!

It is our pleasure to announce that our NEW 60-day fat loss program is available to help slim down those pandemic pounds. At Daytona Laser Lipo, our focus is on non-invasive, pain-free treatments as alternatives to liposuction. We employ a combination of Red Light Therapy meant to help slim, tone & tighten those stubborn areas, and weight loss drops to act as a metabolic supplement for your weight loss journey. As a non-invasive treatment based on light, there is no pain, bruising, or scarring. Reduction of inches of fat could be achieved over a lunch hour. Patients can see results after their very first session! Our primary goal is your health!

More About Full Body Treatment

3D Body Scan Technology

What We Offer Why Choose Us?

Our procedure is affordable, safe, effective, and fast acting.


We treat under one affordable price that includes all of those stubborn spots, instead of per area.


Cleared by the FDA as medically safe, Red Light Therapy causes little to no side effects from treatment.


60 days of treating yourself towards a new body.

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