After Laser Lipo: What Is the Recovery Process?

Laser lipo is a noninvasive fat removal process that uses light energy to break down fat cells. The treatment shrinks fatty tissues and allows them to flow out of the body naturally. You may find that your skin is tighter and smoother after laser lipo.


The side effects of laser lipo are minor and rare. They include mild burns that usually resolve in a few days. If you are considering laser lipo to dissolve stubborn body fat, you may wonder what the recovery process looks like.


What to Expect Immediately After Laser Lipo


You may experience some swelling and minor bruising right after laser lipo. But these should clear up in a week or two. Due to the noninvasive nature of the treatment, laser lipo has little to no downtime.


If you experience discomfort immediately after the procedure, you could wear a compression garment to help speed up recovery. Your doctor may recommend wearing the garment during the day for two weeks or at night for two to four weeks.


The First Two Days


Every person recovers differently. While most people can resume their routine activities within 24 hours after laser lipo, you may not feel comfortable doing so. Your doctor will talk to you about your healing process and give you a compression garment to resolve the discomfort. That said, doing light to moderate physical workouts immediately after laser lipo can help speed up recovery and weight loss.


How Do You Maximize Laser Lipo Results?


Laser lipo is a great way to remove fat and rejuvenate your skin. But how do you maintain optimal results?


Here are tips to help you recover fully and enjoy lasting results.


  • Limit Your Fat Consumption


Technically, you can ingest any food you like after laser lipo, but doctors discourage eating foods high in saturated fats. Greasy or fried foods, sugary snacks, and drinks can cause swelling and delay recovery. Also, avoid salty foods, such as canned soups, instant noodles, and chips.


Gaining weight during the recovery process can frustrate your treatment outcomes. Instead, try eating diets rich in fiber and protein as much as you can. These include fruits, vegetables, lean meats, poultry, and fish.


  • Drink Enough Water


Drink six to eight glasses of water daily to keep your skin and body hydrated. Water helps keep the skin elastic and determines how fast your body will respond to the treatment.


As soon as laser lipo destroys your fat cells, your body classifies them as waste and flushes them out through your lymph vessels. Drinking enough water will help your body flush out the waste faster and fuel your weight loss process.


  • Reduce Your Alcohol Intake


Alcohol before or after treatment puts you at risk of developing complications from laser lipo. That includes dehydration, fatigue, increased swelling, and general body discomfort.


  • Stay Physically Active


Laser lipo and physical fitness go together. The procedure can leave you feeling more physically fit without doing much. But an inactive lifestyle will not do much for you after laser lipo. If anything, it may reverse your results.


Follow a suitable fitness routine after laser lipo to make your results last longer. Do regular workouts, eat well, drink lots of water, and maintain a healthy lifestyle to maximize your laser lipo results.


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