The Practical Benefits of a 3D Body Scan

Surgical treatment has come a long way, thanks to advances in technology. Gone are the days when doctors had to rely on imagination to envision the results of a surgical procedure. 3D body imaging can allow patients to see what the surgery results might look like. Viewing the predicted results before the procedure helps determine whether to proceed with surgery. 


3D Body Imaging 


3D imaging involves the use of specialized cameras to take several pictures of the patient’s body. The images are shot from different angles and are combined to create three-dimensional renderings of the body.

Virtual images of the before-and-after body allow the patient and the doctor to determine the areas that require modification. A surgeon can modify the image based on his expertise and the patient’s requests to achieve the projected results. 


How 3D Body Scan Works 


3D body scanning creates a body scan within a few seconds, allowing the patient to see what their body looks like. Unlike a mirror reflection, the individual can see the actual picture while getting the biometrics of each part. 


The information is helpful for those who want to focus on particular body areas, such as the breasts, abdomen, or thighs. The scan measures subcutaneous fat, body fat, and circumference. The data provided by the scan allow individuals to see themselves as they are. It enables them to make wise decisions about the changes they want. 


Benefits of 3D Body Scan


Accurate 3D body scanning is a vital part of the consultation stage. It allows patients to see a 3D rendering of what their appearance can look like. The benefits of the imaging include:


  • It gives patients accurate or realistic expectations of what plastic surgery can and cannot do

  • Patients can determine the predicted results before they get the surgery

  • Using the scans, surgeons can develop the best course of action for optimal results

  • Individuals unsure of the procedures they want can use the images to choose what they like

  • The scans help accurately measure the patient’s shape, size, and skin surface area


When 3D Imaging Is Used 


3D body scans can be used before various surgical procedures. Patients considering body augmentation can see what their bodies will look like after the surgery. They can get an accurate depiction of how the larger breast size will affect their overall look. Those considering facial surgery or contouring can see what they will look like. Patients can confirm they are comfortable with the possible outcome before getting the surgery. 


Customized Surgical Plan


The results of body scanning allow surgeons to create customized treatments for their clients. The best plan suits the patient’s needs and body type. It considers fat amount, shape, posture, and more factors. It eliminates the guesswork of what the result will look like. Having accurate data or measurements helps in making the best decision. 


3D body scanners are noninvasive and low-cost. Using them in cosmetic surgery can enhance the process. An idea of what the result could look like can help people make informed decisions.


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